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What else has Ming done

Aug 06, 2021,20:16 PM


To draw the ire of enthusiasts? Of course, the poor QC and customer support involved with the recent Massena collaboration deserves a good scolding, but it seems as though the watch-o-sphere is letting out a great deal of pent up rage at the brand. I have even read a few comments expressing the hope that they go out of business. So, to the longtime followers of the brand, I ask: where does the anger come from? Do they have an extremely blemished track record, are enthusiasts just angry that the watches sell out so quickly, or is it something else? As it stands, I am scratching my head a little bit as to why the reaction has been this fierce. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on the matter.

Full disclosure, I like the watches Ming makes. I really don’t care that much about the attitude of MT or anyone associated with the brand. As long as they make a good product and take care of issues when they arise (even if it isn’t done as expeditiously or politely as it should be), then I’m all good. I have the same attitude about Moser. Many are not a fan of Meylan’s antics. But at the end of the day, they make great watches, and that’s what matters.

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